Impressions of the silent films
5/45/85: MEMENTO

Preview for THE LOOKOUT.

Here are keywords and questions to think about as we view The Lookout (2007).

  1. Keywords: space, outwardlookingness, the body. How does the accident change Chris' mind/body, and how do those changes alter his relations with others? What does this mean for his space? Think about these questions in terms of semiotics. How do the film makers signify these changes in Chris' space, or in the relations between Chris and others?
  2. Keywords: place, traces, the body. What traces or devices does Chris use to place himself in time and space? How successful are these strategies? Again, how do the film makers signify Chris' ability to navigate in time and space?
  3. Keywords: place, space, outwardlookingness. Compare Chris to Leonard in Memento. How are their conditions similar? How are they different? What are the similarities and differences in how they attempt to place themselves in time and space? How do their relations with others differ? Do others relate to them in similar ways? What signs would you point to from the two films to highlight these similarities and differences?


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